Graham Birchall – Director / Architect

Graham has over 40 years industry experience in a diverse range of projects from traditional heritage Architecture to innovative experimental designs. As Principal of Birchall & Partners Architects, Graham has been servicing Commercial, Industrial, Educational, Aged Care, Residential and Governmental clients since 1988.
A Fellow of the Australian Institute of Architects, Graham has served as Education Committee Member for the Royal Australian Institute of Architects and as Board Examiner (Board of Architects of Queensland). He has been expert witness at court hearings and has been a recurrent guest on national TV, radio and in written media, as well as international online channels discussing Architecture.
Between 1988 and 2017 Graham was contracted as the National Architectural Consultant for Ford Australia in Dealership design and upgrade. He travelled Australia Wide during these years and was involved in the design of over 200 Dealerships for Ford alone. He has provided expert guidance to international projects in New Zealand and China. His research includes R&D projects focusing on clean energy, emergency building systems, modular spherical housing and new technologies which could be applied to Architecture.
Graham is well known for designing and building “The Bubble House”, in Karalee, Qld.
Professional Profile

Iris de la Fuente – Mexican Architect

Iris is a Mexican Architect with relevant experience on the industry in both Mexico and Australia, including residential, commercial and public buildings. She has been at Birchall & Partners Architects for the last 5 years, where she has been involved in all the project stages. Having a broad understanding of different social environments, weather zones and construction systems, she has major project participation from design and documentation, project management, specification and preparing tender documents to liaising with clients, contractors, international suppliers and authorities.

Sharon Birchall – Administration Management

Sharon has more than 30 years experience managing office staff and interacting with business partners. Having worked also within the service, retail, banking and automotive industries, she has skills solving real world issues as well as advanced accounts experience.
At Birchall & Partners Architects, she has been responsible of Accounts Payable/Receivable, Tax accounts and Payroll as well as liaising with clients, contractors and suppliers. Sharon also has extensive experience in contract administration and preparation of tender documentation. She excels at customer service and has been advising the director for more than 30 years.

Kristi Lee – Marketing & Social Networks

Kristi has experience in Event Management, Data Analysis and Administration. She manages Birchall & Partners marketing and social media channels, raising brand awareness and exposure while promoting our projects.

Richard Birchall – IT Manager & 3D Modelling

Richard is the IT & 3D Modelling Manager at Birchall & Partners Architects. He is in charge of the IT systems, office network and servers, electronic equipment, large format printers and 3D printer machines. Richard has experience in Architectural Drafting, 3D Modelling and walkthrough videos. He is very passionate about 3D modelling, has meticulous attention to detail and strives to produce outstanding quality of work.

Mickey Quigley – Office Assistant (work experience)